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Day 1. Sunday, 29/05/2011: Penzance YHA to Trenestral Farm

Actual riding distance 59km. Ascent 706m. Total distance 106km. Total ascent 1345m.

st micheals mount
St Michaels Mount.
An early breakfast was preceded by having to true the wheel of one of the bikes of an Israeli couple that had been buckled by careless airport baggage handlers at Luton. We left Castle Horneck in drizzle at about 8:30 and were soon being blown along the promenade in Penzance and then on to Marazion.
goldolphin arms
The Godolphin Arms.
We left our bikes and bags at the hotel at the start of the causeway to St Michael's Mount and walked across, arriving just after nine o'clock to find that the castle grounds did not open until 10:30. We had a look around the few houses around the harbour and then went back across the causeway to the hotel for tea and carrot cake.
Mending my chain.
Suitably refreshed, we followed a series of very quiet rural lanes eastwards towards the King Harry Ferry north of Falmouth. At one of the many junctions I tried to change gear for the climb after it but in the process somehow or other the speed link that joins my chain came apart.
trellisick gardens
Trellisick Gardens.
This caused much hilarity for Neil and Ron. Luckily they managed to spot the offending bits lying on the road and a few minutes later we were on our way again. We stopped just short of the ferry to visit the Trellisick Gardens. We had lunch (soup and a cream tea with raspberry jam from the youth hostel) and spent a very pleasant couple of hours wandering around these fine gardens.
Trenestrall Farm.
A very short journey then took us down to the King Harry ferry. We crossed and then climbed up the hill on the other side to some more very pleasant lanes that took us in about 5 km to Trenestral farm: our stop for the night. A wonderful dinner was taken in house. If you are looking for somwhere to stay in this area then this must be the place. Great food and great hosts. Not a big distance covered today but it was quite pleasant once the drizzle stopped. Tomorrow, unfortunately, does not look so good weather wise.


Day 01 track
Day 1 track

Elevation plot Day 1