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Friday - Saturday, 22/04/2011 - 23/04/2011: Glencarron Lodge - Newtonmore - Tealing. Fraser.

Riding distance 300km. Ascent 1690m.

I started the trip home on Friday so that I would be home for Easter Sunday. The wind was in my face almost all the way to Newtonmore and with all the climbing from Inverness up to Slochd summit it was very tiring. It was 8 hrs cycling on Friday and 6 hrs on Saturday in less wind but quite a lot of rain from Blair Atholl southwards. My total distance for the 8 days was 981km cycling and 18km walking so fairly close to half of the E2E trip. I was quite tired at the end of all that so I am under no ilusions that the real trip will be any easier. What I am confident about now though is that I can do quite big days back to back - as long as it's not into head winds all the time! No track for this route as my GPS hung and I couldn't get it to go and no photos due to the wind, rain and been there before.