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Day 0. Saturday, 28/05/2011: Car Hire to Penzance YHA to Lands End to Penzance YHA

Actual riding distance 47km. Ascent 639m. Total distance 47km. Total ascent 639m.

Starting the cycling on Day 0 was a change from the original plan that was just to drive down this day and start cycling the next but doing it this way got the legs going after sitting in the van for 8 hours and reduced the distance on the Sunday. This gives us the chance to spend an hour on St Michael's Mount as the tide will be out in the morning and we will be able to ride across.

Getting ready after drive.
team at lands end
Ready for the off at Lands End.
It seems a long time ago since the idea of doing this was mooted and until yesterday it still seemed to be a long time until we had to start but now it has started.

castle horneck
Castle Horneck.
I set off from Tealing just after five o'clock to pick up Neil and just after we had set off from there to Ron's I realised that I had not swapped my saddle from my mountain bike to my Kona.  After the detour back home we arrived with Ron about 6:15 and finally set off around half past.

We arrived at our B&B in Tebay just on 10 o'clock, had a cup of tea and went straight to bed.  Due to problems with the booking with the van we had to arrive in Penzance before 12 PM and that necessitated a 4 AM start.  Luckily most of the journey was fine apart from a delay where somebody had managed to overturn their caravan and we arrived in Penzance with a quarter of an hour to spare.  We changed into our cycling kit in the back of the van and once the paperwork had been finalised set off to Castle Horneck into a very blustery south-westerly wind.  We managed to check-in early and left our bags and set off along a very busy A 30 towards Lands End.

Mousehole (pronounced Mouzel).
It was drizzling quite hard at times but as we neared Lands End it eased off and the sky started to brighten a bit.  At Lands End we had the statutory photograph taken and then went off to the first and last house for a cup of tea. From Lands End we followed the National Cycle Network Route 3 through to Lamorna, Mousehole, Newlyn and back to Castle Horneck with wind assistance.  No cream teas so far and I realised that I had forgotten my raspberry jam that I was going to take to have instead of the statutory strawberry :-(.

Quaint little street in Mousehole.
Newlyn at fish market.

Day 0 track
Day 0 track

Day 0 elev
Elevation plot Day 0