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EWB-UK Placements send volunteers from the UK to work with development organisations.
  • EWB-UK's approach puts students and young professionals at the centre of their operations, providing them with resources and contact to help them become development professionals.
  • Holistic Engineering - they work with an interdisciplinary approach that takes into consideration the local knowledge, economy, culture and environment.
  • Active Partnerships - they build long term relationships and work in collaboration with communities and local organisations.
  • People Participation - they believe in demand-led development and participatory change.
  • Small Footprint - they want to adopt a sustainable use of natural resources and minimise any impact to the local environment, biodiversity or global climate.
  • Appropriate Technology - they adapt existing low-risk technology and apply modern engineering methods.
EWB-UK Placements send volunteers from the UK to work with development organisations but they need funding to be able to do this. International volunteering opportunities are advertised in a big chunk in February and then in ones and twos throughout the year. Placements are based in both developing countries and last 3-12 months. They prioritise applications from people with four or fewer years of technical experience. Fundraising is a vital part of ensuring the success of their placements. They aim to raise £20 000 for their placements programme in 2013, but they'll need your help to make sure they hit this target! The programme is run by a team of diverse and motivated students and graduates supported by a network of experienced development professionals. engineers without borders uk’s members sometimes lead international work by developing partnerships and projects separate to their main placements, education and research activities. Typically these are led by engineering students at UK universities who are members of our network of branches. If you support us on our ride then one third of your donations will go to help the development of engineers of the future who will work in the field.