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Day 19. 18/6/2014. Cycle Dunblane to Tealing. Distance cycled 98.2km. Ascent 927m. Cumulative distance cycled 2013.8km. Cumulative ascent 18741m.

tay at friarton
The Tay at Friarton from Kinnoull Hill.
On what was going to be an easy day of cycling at less than 100km we were joined by Ron and Alex for the ride back to Dundee. Their freshness and little or nothing to carry saw a fast average speed that had us in Auchterarder for morning coffee and passing through Perth too early for lunch. Once over Kinnoull hill, Glendoick was chosen as the lunch destination so we travelled the footpath along the A90 between Glencarse and Glendoick.
the carse
Looking east along the Carse.
It was not the most pleasant part of the trip to say the least.

After lunch and with no easy way to get across the A90 we headed for Rait where we bade farewell to Ron. We then crossed the A90 towards Errol station before turning north east towards Invergowrie. Neil wanted to see the progress on his building in the Botanic Gardens so we detoured in
glen carse
Cycling down Glen Carse.
there for far too long before heading towards Blackness to pick up my normal commuting route home. It did seem very strange to be travelling that way fully loaded. I arrived home at twenty five past four and that was the challenge completed.

Low tide at Kingoodie.
With no time for any celebrations, I dived in the shower, dressed and was taken back into Dundee by Neil so I could get to the graduation garden party. Due to my late arrival many of the students I had wanted to see were already away to meals etc which was a great pity. It would have been nice to have wished them well on their journey into the real world. Neil had suggested that I should have a go at Cairn o'Mount the next day as my ranking had slipped a couple of places but the next morning saw me very tired. I doubt if I would have been anywhere near my worst time even.


day 19 map
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