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Wilderness Wanderers
Slioch across Lochan Fada.

Dawn on Saturday morning had mists drifting around the high summits but the promise was there for a good day. The air was damp and with virtually no wind the midges were out in force as we had our breakfast.

We set off just after 8.30 and climbed the stalkers path from Carnmore up into the narrow defile of the Bruthach an Easain. We crossed the burn and ascended the NW ridge of A'Mhaighdean which was an absolute delight. There was a bit of scrambling needed but nothing too technical whilst the surrounding scenery was just wonderful. Towards the top of the ridge there is a big rock castle that stands astride it necessitating either a scrambling ascent and an unseen descent or the easier option of passing it one one side or the other. We passed it on the north side as that way down seemed to be easier. Looking back at the castle showed that we had made a good decision in avoiding quite a tricky descent. As we neared the top mist came in to obscure the summit and it looked like we wouldn't get a view.

Just in time it all cleared again and we were able to admire the view from the summit of A'Mhaighdean. It was just wonderful to see it. All but one of us had been there before but none of us had had a view like the panorama that was laid out before us in all directions. The compulsory team photo was taken to prove we had actually been on the summit of A'Mhaighdean. Lots of pointing was done as peaks all around were identified with Pam pointing out our next Corbett, Beinn a'Chaisgein Mor.

on the summit
The Wilderness Wanderers (our team name) on the summit of A'Mhaighdean.

We dropped down to the col where Mark decided that as his dog, Molly, had not done Ruadh Stac Mor he would take her up there. David had not done it either so the two of them set off up as the rest of us followed the stalkers path down before setting off up Beinn a'Chaisgein Mor. Again the view was great with the View to A'Mhaighdean drawing the eye.

With that part of the day completed we all returned to camp by about 16:30 for a drink and some sustenance. Various mutterings about people being too tired to do the last Corbett seemed to be putting the challenge we had set ourselves in doubt. Once Fraser had decided he would go, Mark decided to join him and then Pam decided to go too. The three set off at 17:15 and part way up we realised we had no camera or phone so the trip was only recorded on Pam's gps. The views from along the cliffs of Beinn Lair were again wonderful and it was amazing to look around at all we had climbed in the last 24 hours. we arrived at the summit at 19:10 and had a few bites to eat before returning to the camp where we arrived at 20:15 with all goals completed.