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Wilderness Wanderers
An experience to remember.

Sunday morning started wet and VERY midgy. Everything we put down as we packed became a place for midges to congregate and next time it was touched a great swarm would rise up to attack the unfortunate individual. It prompted a quick departure for the long walk back out and final arrival at Poolewe at 12:15 where we had a wonderful lunch at the Poolewe Hotel.

There is much more that could be said and more pictures that could be included but for those of us who did this expedition words aren't really necessary and nor are the pictures. We will keep this trip in our minds for a very long time. There are some however who will remember the weekend for very different reasons as two WaterAid walkers fell to their deaths on Saturday; one on Sgurr a'Mhaim in the Mamores on one on An'Teallach, just a few miles away from us. It is very sad for the families of those who died and also for those who were in the teams of those who died.